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1st Block

1st Block: Planning

1st Class

1st Semester 1st Block Planning

1st Semester 2nd Block English III

1st Semester 3rd Block English IV

2019-2020 2nd Block World Lit.

4th Period ACT Prep

5th Period ACT Prep

6th Grade ELA

6th Grade ELA

6th Grade Math

7th Grade Activites

7th Grade Math

8th Grade Activities

8th Grade Science

Algebra 2

Biblical Boundaries


Class Template

Craft's Campers

Crawley's Communication Corner

Crosby's ELA Class

Dawson First 2019-2020

Edwards' Stars

Foundations of Biology


H.S. Band

Jones SES Admin

Julie's page

Kathryn Bubrigś Classroom

Lumberton Elementary House System


May's ELA

May's Homeroom

Miss Thames' Happy Campers

Motichek's Math Minutes

Mrs.Cavalier's Class

Mrs. Crosby's 2nd Grade Math Class

Mrs. Farnham's 2nd Grade ELA Class

Mrs. Folkes' Page

Music Appreciation


Parent Resources

Pendergrass' 4th Grade ELA

Pendergrass' 5th Grade ELA

PLE EXCEL 2018-19

Practice page



Rhonda Lewis

Sabol's Superheroes 2019-2020

Spanish 1

Spanish II

Welcome to Mrs. Rogers' 1st Grade Class